Brian S. Szmak


Brian’s primary purpose is to help put our clients in a better place than when they first called us. With small exception, no one calls a litigation attorney because something amazing has happened. Thus Brian’s goal is to provide peace of mind, quality advice, and zealous representation. This starts with listening and engaging with the client. It is far too common for attorneys to have a short conversation, hear a summary of the facts, and have already decided what they’re going to do. But an attorney cannot possibly provide quality representation unless they truly understand what is going on, and more importantly, what the client is really looking for.

This requires creativity, knowledge, passion, and genuine empathy for what clients are dealing with. It requires grappling with the specific facts of every case, and not assuming that you know more than everyone else does. It requires an understanding of the law, and how it applies to those facts. It requires a temperament that allows you to work with opposing parties, opposing attorneys, experts, witnesses, clerks, and of course, judges, all with their own temperaments and personalities.

At its best, the practice of law is about helping people. Brian has put this ethos to practice throughout Northern Virginia. He has represented clients in both civil and criminal matters in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William County, and more. And he has done so with the understanding that he isn’t just working on cases; he is working for clients. He looks forward to providing this same level of service to you and your case.

Brian was born and raised in New Jersey, but chose to make Virginia his home. He lives in Alexandria with his wife, Molly, and their dog, Lexi.

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