PJI Law Featured on Cover of Virginia Lawyer Magazine

FAIRFAX, Virginia – Attorney Paul J. Abraham, founder and CEO of PJI Law, PLC, is pleased to announce that the firm has been featured on the front cover of Virginia Lawyer, the official publication of the Virginia State Bar’s 50,000 lawyers. The firm was selected based on its excellent service to clients referred by the Virginia State Bar’s referral service. The Editor of Virginia Lawyer noted, “Between July 1, 2020, and December 30, 2021, our cover firm, PJI Law, PLC, received more than 200 Virginia Lawyer Referral Service (VLRS) referrals.”

In addition to his firm’s feature on the Virginia Lawyer cover, the publication featured an article by Abraham titled, “How a Great Firm Culture Helped Us Make the Most Out of VLRS.” Abraham shared how PJI Law had doubled in size to a team of “20 dynamic, fun, and committed professionals” in one year, with zero resignations going on three years. He further advised other Virginia law firms on best practices to protect their teams, eliminate workplace toxicity, encourage feedback and transparency, and create paths for team members’ personal, professional, and financial growth.

“We are honored to have been featured on the cover of Virginia Lawyer. We were selected due to the quality of service we have offered to clients referred by the Virginia State Bar’s referral service, or as one person put it, for being ‘the Chick-fil-A of law firms!’ In the article, we share advice to other Virginia law firms on building a great culture, supporting, developing, protecting their teams, and providing a fantastic client experience – all of which have been key building blocks to our success. We are thankful for our incredible team, who has made this recognition possible,” enthuses Abraham.

About Virginia Lawyer Referral Service (VLRS)

The VLRS was founded in 1977 to assist the public with referrals to practicing members of the Virginia State Bar. The VLRS makes over 20 referrals a day or 4,000 a year; and receives over 12,000 calls yearly.

You can learn more about VLRS here.

About PJI Law, PLC

Established in Northern Virginia to provide efficient, high-quality legal services to every client, PJI Law, PLC, guides its clients through legal issues while maintaining the highest professional standards and an uncompromising commitment to personal attention.

Whether we represent an individual, a family, or a business, we place our clients’ interests above all else. This effort includes a dedication to regular communication that ensures a continuous connection between attorney and client.

You can learn more about PJI Law, PLC here.

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