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Businesses and people acquire and maintain relationships with various entities and individuals. This can include customers, vendors, investors, landlords, and more. Each time a business enters a new relationship, it must protect its interests with a well-drafted and enforceable contract. A contract can protect companies and individuals from lawsuits and give them legal standing to sue for breach of contract, fraud, and other issues.

Hiring a Northern Virginia business contract attorney should be your company’s first step when entering into new relationships. The business contract attorneys at PJI Law have years of experience drafting legally binding contracts. We can also review contracts before you sign them. With our help, you can protect your company today and in the future.

Common Types of Business Contracts

PJI Law creates and reviews various types of business contracts. Common types of contracts include:

Drafting and Editing Business Contracts

PJI Law drafts contracts and edits documents created by others. If possible, you want to be the drafting party when creating a contract. This will give you more control over the contract’s language, meaning you can include provisions that protect your company’s rights and interests. At the same time, the provisions should also be tailored to keep the other party interested in signing. That is necessary for long-term business relationships.

If another party has drafted the contract, you can take it to PJI Law for review. These documents often need to be edited to represent our client’s interests. We will negotiate with the other party to make changes before the contract is signed. Once we are certain your rights are protected, you can finalize the agreement by signing it.

The Blue Pencil Rule for Northern Virginia Businesses

Some states follow the “blue pencil rule.” This gives judges the power to modify sections of contracts that are unreasonable, vague, or unenforceable. After making the changes, the contracts are legally binding. However, Virginia judges do not follow this rule. They are not parties to the agreement, so they don’t believe they have the legal right to modify it.

Because businesses cannot rely on the blue pencil rule to fix mistakes, many choose to include severability clauses in contracts. You can discuss a severability clause and other options when you speak to one of our Northern Virginia contract lawyers.

Why Choose PJI Law, PLC?

Our Team | Estate Planning and Business Lawyer | Fairfax, VA
Our Team | Estate Planning and Business Lawyer | Fairfax, VA

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Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is common in the business world. Sometimes, one party purposefully disregards the contract. Other times, the breach unintentionally occurs due to a poorly drafted contract. Your Northern Virginia contract lawyer will ensure that the language is straightforward and both sides understand it before signing it. This will reduce the risk of breach of contract. If the other side does breach the contract, our law firm will represent you so you can hold the other party accountable.

Violations of Employment Agreements

Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements are both important for businesses. You can enter into these agreements with independent contractors and employees as a means to protect your company. PJI Law can create and help you enforce these contracts. If an employee or independent contractor violates the agreement, we can start the dispute resolution process or file a lawsuit if necessary.

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