“Welcome to PJI Law, founded in Northern Virginia for the purpose of providing high-quality legal services and personal attention to every client.”

"That all Men are born equally free and independent and   have certain inherent natural Rights, of which they can   not by any Compact deprive or divest their Posterity..."

- George Mason
First Draft of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, May 1776

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    Welcome to PJI Law

    Established in Northern Virginia for the purpose of providing efficient, high-quality legal services to every client, PJI Law guides its clients through legal issues while maintaining the highest professional standards and a stubborn commitment to personal attention.

    Whether we are representing an individual, a family, or a business, we place our clients’ interests above all else. This includes the innovative use of technology to efficiently achieve results while reducing wasteful client costs, and a dedication to regular communication that ensures a continuous connection between attorney and client.

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Mr. Abraham is a superb attorney. First, Paul listened carefully to our case, then provided several options explaining in detail what each one would entail and what can be expected. We trusted his recommendation and it was the best decision. Thank you so much Paul for your advice and your expertise. You are a kind, polished, honorable person with the highest integrity.
Paul caught issues that others had missed, and guided me through negotiating those matters and to a final agreement. During what otherwise would have been a stressful and hectic time, Paul was always knowledgeable, responsive, accessible, and up to minute on my transaction. His hourly work is extremely efficient and the total was even below his estimate.
I’m very pleased with the great service the PJI LAW, PLC law firm. Before I brought my case to Mr. Paul Abraham, I had two other attorneys and was very unhappy with their service. He successfully closed my case less than 3 months which my previous attorneys couldn’t do for almost a year. I also greatly appreciate the prompt responses, phone calls and very detailed and updated information about my case status.

- Parivash

I was very impressed with Mr. Abraham's depth of understanding and knowledge of the law, and I was quite pleased with the outcome. Throughout the process he kept me informed, his fees were very fair and reasonable, and the financial settlement exceeded my expectations. Without reservations, I would highly recommend Attorney Paul Joseph Abraham to anyone needing legal council or legal services.
Mr. Abraham possessed a sharp legal mind as he analyzed the different options available to me. He exuded old school values of reliability, morality and courtesy while at the same time demonstrating a modern and forward-thinking analytical mind. Throughout the whole process of concluding my legal issue successfully, I truly felt that my case was being handled by a family member and not an attorney I had just met. Finally, Mr. Abraham’s rates were extremely reasonable and fair.
I was very fortunate to have crossed paths with Paul Abraham. He represented and did work for me twice. Once for my divorce and again later on another issue. I liked everything about Paul, but especially the fact that he was easy to communicate with and talk to. I always had a good feeling that he was looking out for my interests. He was always well prepared and did what he said he was going to. I would highly recommend him.
Paul, thank you for the representation you provided in resolving my issues with local government. As with most citizens, we generally see the value of government maintaining order and providing basic services, but when government makes unfounded accusations there must be knowledgeable and effective defense. Again, Thank You for assisting in a successful outcome.

- Rufus

Paul stepped in to protect me from all the aggressive and intimidating communication. Paul kept me abreast of all the details, educated me on the available options at every step, gave me his recommendation, and allowed me to choose the next steps for myself. I really felt like we were a team even though he did all the work. There is no way I could have gone through that process on my own or replicated the same results. He was very kind, patient, thorough and always communicated with a sense of realism that helped keep me grounded.
We did not know what to expect when we were referred to Mr. Abraham. When my family and I walked into his law office we felt so relaxed by the professionalism and the way we were welcomed. He was in constant communication with us on the status of our case. It is nice to know that we were fortunate enough to have a great lawyer who cared about us and went above and beyond to win our case. Thank you Mr. Abraham for your caring nature and follow through. Thank you again for all of your support!

- The Bell Family

My new objective was to establish and build my own business and Paul had been recommended to me as a fine attorney experienced with businesses of all types. Over the next five months, I worked with Paul through all the legal matters as well as the financial matters with a CPA that Paul recommended. During this period of time, Paul proved to be knowledgeable, insightful, and thoughtful, and made sure that I examined every aspect of the ventures while ensuring that I would be fully protected legally. For this, I will always be grateful to Paul and look forward to the next opportunity to retain his services in the future.

- Ted

Paul’s recent review of my commercial lease was both timely and thorough. Our phone conversations, discussing edits and re-writes, gave me confidence at signing.

- Tod

Throughout the case, we found Mr. Abraham insightful, caring and focused on achieving our goals.

- Mehrdad