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Unpaid debts make up a large portion of the cases heard in Virginia courts. While some of these cases go to trial and protracted collections efforts, that is often not the case. Instead, both claimants and defendants are often open to settlement offers before the trial begins. This is sometimes (but not always) faster, more affordable, and can help both sides reach satisfactory outcomes.

PJI Law works with creditors and debtors and strives to help clients obtain favorable resolution to collections issues outside of the courtroom. At the same time, our collections attorneys are prepared to represent clients in court, and when necessary, use their experience to pursue aggressive collections efforts that may include garnishments, levies, and liens, among other actions.

Contact our firm today to discuss all of your options, whether settlements, payment plans, or initiation of (or defense against) collection activities. We can also go over a legal strategy for representing you in court.

Types of Debt Collection Cases

PJI Law handles all types of debt collections cases. This includes:

Because we represent both creditors and debtors, we are available to assist with your case. Contact our firm today to discuss legal strategies.

Debt Collection Process

While many people think that the debt collection process starts with a lawsuit, there are actually numerous steps leading up to a court date. In fact, our collections attorneys have discovered that the fear of a judgment is often enough to get people to pay past-due debts. Thus, the actions before the lawsuit are critical.

First, our firm can send the debtor a letter that includes information about the debt, along with a recommended time frame for resolving it. Then, we can negotiate with the debtor to make payments on the account.

If the debtor does not comply, our firm can file a lawsuit to receive a judgment. Then, we can take post-judgment enforcement actions to help you recover the debt. This includes debtor’s interrogatories, property liens, bank garnishments, wage garnishments, and property levies.

Through this process, our goal is to facilitate repayment in the easiest way possible. In many cases, the debt is settled before the parties go to court.

Debt Collection Defense

If you are facing a debt collection lawsuit, you are likely worried and unsure of where to turn. Our Northern Virginia collections attorneys can review your case and explore defense options.

We may find that the debt is not valid at all. If, however, the debt is valid and the creditor has followed the law, we can consider debt settlement options, protection actions, or bankruptcy. These are just two of your choices, so reach out so we can begin working on your case.

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Our Team | Estate Planning and Business Lawyer | Fairfax, VA

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What Happens After a Judgment?

If a judgment is entered, the creditor will have 10 years to collect. Additionally, creditors can extend the collection period for another 10 years two times, meaning they have up to 30 years to get the money for the judgment. While some creditors start collecting right away, others wait until the appeal period has passed. In both instances, creditors have numerous options at their disposal, including wage garnishment and liens. Debt can often be settled before it gets to this point, so contact a collections attorney from PJI Law today.

Statute of Limitations for Debt Collection

As with other states, there is a statute of limitations for debt collection in Virginia. If the debt is based on an oral contract, creditors have up to three years to file a lawsuit. However, the time frame extends to five years for debts that include written contracts. The creditor cannot collect the debt after the statute of limitations passes. However, the debtor can restart the clock by making a payment. Because this is so complicated, it is wise to consult with a collections attorney at PJI Law before taking the next steps.

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