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Intake Specialist


Intake Specialist

Raised in a close-knit family by her single mother since the age of 2, Paige learned the values of patience, empathy, and courage. Today, as a mother herself, Paige values the support of her extended family and appreciates the joys and challenges of parenting. Engaged to a partner from a larger family, she has gained new insights into the strength found in a vast support network.

Paige’s love for people aligns seamlessly with her role at PJI Law. The company’s commitment to helping others resonates deeply with her, bringing satisfaction and joy even on challenging days.

Her childhood love for theater, cultivated through acting classes since the age of 11, remains a significant part of her life. Paige also has a flair for singing and figure skating. Her passion for theater and genuine desire to assist others make Paige a valuable member of the team.

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