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This is not your grandpa’s law firm. Ok sure we offer generous objective bonuses, origination bonuses, work-from-home Mondays, health/dental/vision insurance, a retirement plan with a generous employer match, life and disability insurance, full estate plans for our team, paid holidays, paid time off, fun and growth-driven team events, beautiful brand-new offices, a rotating snack and beverage selection, and dartboard competitions in the break room.

But that’s only part of the story.

We're Great Place to Work-Certified! PJI Law, PLC, Virginia

We are a forward-thinking, well-managed organization that was founded in 2010 on the idea that having a happy team and having happy clients are inter-connected goals. This is a concept that we see in many industries but far too rarely in the legal profession.

See, we listen to our team members. Much of the time, we’re working with them one-on-one to help them reach their personal and professional goals. Other times, we’re listening to their suggestions on how to improve the firm. So many of the changes we’ve made that have catapulted our growth in the last few years have resulted directly from feedback we’ve actively solicited from every single person here.

It is no surprise we maintain an incredible retention rate, and that when anonymously surveyed by a professional third party in each of the past three years, an average of 99% of our team has said this is a great place to work!

In order to preserve the integrity of our culture, we’re selective in our efforts to identify good people who are also motivated professionals. If this is what you’re looking for, please keep reading below about how to reach out to us.

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Are you interested in joining the team at PJI Law?

Good news: PJI Law is growing fast and strong. For three years in a row, we have been listed as one of the 50 fastest growing law firms in the United States by Law Firm 500. As this growth continues, we are constantly recruiting the best talent across various new positions opening up both in-office and remotely – attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, salespersons, managers, business development professionals, accountants, and others.

Right now, we are looking to fill the following position(s):

Although we regularly post job ads for openings, we often can make offers to strong candidates who reach out to us before an opening is even announced. This page gives you the ability to be among the group that will get a “first look” when an opportunity presents itself. In fact, if it looks like you would be a superstar team member, we might even create a position for you! (It wouldn’t be the first time). So if you would like to work for PJI Law, please email your resume to ResumeOnFile@pjilaw.com along with a cover letter explaining:

  • The role you would like to play at PJI Law;
  • Why you would want to work here;
  • Why you believe you would be a fantastic fit here;
  • Why you believe you would embrace our core values of professionalism, excellence, and integrity.

Even if we don’t have an opening for which to immediately consider your submission, we will keep your submission on file until a matching position opens up. At that point, our “on-file” resumes are the first place we look, and if we believe you might be a great fit, we will reach out to you to discuss.

By the way, we understand that you would not want your interest in PJI Law to jeopardize your current job and your livelihood. So don’t worry, we hold all submissions to ResumeOnFile@pjilaw.com in strict confidence – whether or not we know your employer.

Thank you for your interest in joining our wonderful team!

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the standard for legal services everywhere we go.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every person calling on us for help walks away with more peace of mind,
a brighter future, and a bigger smile.

Our Core Values


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