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Virginia law states that all limited liability companies, corporations, and legal entities registered to do business in Virginia must have a registered agent. The Virginia State Corporation Commission will send all official correspondence directly to the registered agent. Also, legal notices, including lawsuits, will go to the registered agent.

Some business owners choose an officer, director, member, or partner to serve as the registered agent. That is within your legal rights as long as the individual is a legal resident of the state. However, many find that it’s much easier to hire a Northern Virginia registered agent to act on their behalf.

PJI Law provides registered agent services for our clients. We will receive all communications for you and ensure you receive copies on time. With our help, you can focus on running your business and maintain your privacy.

Consequences of Not Having a Registered Agent

There are many advantages to having a law firm serve as your company’s registered agent:

Set Your Schedule With a Registered Agent

As a registered agent, you are expected to maintain normal business hours. This will be challenging if you’re not physically at the same address during business hours. You may be limited in working irregular hours after becoming a registered agent. Instead, you will be expected to make sure you’re available at the registered office during normal hours, even if you don’t want to be.

You can avoid this by using our Northern Virginia registered agent services. We are available if you receive correspondence or important legal documents. Moreover, as a law firm, we recognize the meaning of legal documents, subpoenas, or lawsuits we receive, and will be available to explain them.

Maintain Your Privacy With Our Registered Agent Services

You have to provide an address when serving as a registered agent. Once you register the address, it’s part of the public record. This becomes an issue if you operate a home-based business. Your address will be published online and readily available for anyone who searches for it.

Also, acting as your registered agent, you run the risk of getting served by a Sheriff in front of employees, customers, or neighbors. This can be devastating to your business, not to mention embarrassing. Fortunately, you can have all documents go through us. Then we will discreetly notify you of any legal issues.

Why Choose PJI Law, PLC?

Our Team | Estate Planning and Business Lawyer | Fairfax, VA
Our Team | Estate Planning and Business Lawyer | Fairfax, VA

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The Importance of a Responsible Registered Agent

A registered agent’s most important responsibility is receiving legal documents, including lawsuits. When you are served, you have a specific period to respond. Failure to do so could lead to a default judgment against your business. A responsible, dedicated registered agent in Northern Virginia will notify you immediately if you have important legal documents. When your registered agent is also your attorney, you can then discuss your legal strategy for the lawsuit. Because of that, PJI Law is a top choice for registered agent services.

Who Can Serve as a Registered Agent in Virginia?

Virginia law provides numerous options for choosing a registered agent. If you are the director or an officer of a corporation, you can act as the registered agent as long as you live in Virginia. The same is true if you are a partner of an LLP or one of the members of an LLC. You can also hire a Virginia company that has registered to provide these services. Finally, you can choose a lawyer or law firm, such as PJI Law.

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