PJI Law represents clients dealing with a wide range of disputes related to business dealings.

Northern Virginia Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes are an unfortunate part of doing business. But, no matter which side of a lawsuit you’re on, you need a seasoned attorney by your side, fighting to protect your interests or those of your business. When you hire a Northern Virginia commercial litigator from PJI Law, you will have a tireless advocate by your side. We have represented clients in numerous cases, including partnership disputes, breach of contract, misrepresentations, and many other situations.

Experience is key when it comes to commercial litigation. Our firm is well-versed in federal and state laws and strives to protect our clients while holding the other parties responsible. Contact us today to discuss your case. Once we have the details, we will formulate a legal strategy for your case.

Commercial Litigation Cases

Our seasoned Northern Virginia commercial litigators handle a variety of cases. Common cases we litigate include:


The process for commercial litigation varies slightly based on the jurisdiction and type of case. However, assuming the case was not resolved through out-of-court settlement efforts, most cases follow a general format that begins with filing a complaint. The defendant receives the complaint and through an attorney files a response. The defendant might also choose to file a counterclaim against the defendant.

Next, your Northern Virginia commercial litigator will start the discovery process. Both sides acquire and gather information to use for the trial. You may have to give a deposition during discovery. Your attorney can also attempt to settle the case on terms you approve after reviewing the evidence compiled during discovery. If the case does not settle, you will proceed to trial. Your commercial litigator might try the case in front of a judge or a judge and jury.


Sometimes, litigation is the only possible course of action. However, a Northern Virginia commercial litigator from PJI law can also help you protect your company by taking steps to avoid litigation. Taking these steps will reduce your risk of having to litigate a dispute in the future.

First, never sign a business contract or agreement without first seeking legal advice. Your attorney will review the agreement and advise you on changes if necessary. Also, document everything so you will have proof against claims. Finally, consult with an attorney before making any changes to your business. We will guide you through the process to ensure that you meet all legal guidelines.

Why Choose PJI LAW?



Industry experience is vital when handling commercial litigation. You need an attorney with expertise that goes beyond the laws and regulations that businesses must follow. The attorney also must understand the intricacies of business operations. PJI Law has represented clients in numerous industries and of various sizes. Over the years, we have developed keen industry knowledge that helps us provide outstanding legal services to our clients. This enables us to be ready to jump in and go over the details of your case.


If you are at an impasse with another party, you might think commercial litigation is the only option. However, PJI Law can explore alternative dispute resolution with you to help you avoid court. Whether you are getting sued or bringing suit against someone else, mediation or arbitration might be the answer. Even if we attempt alternative dispute resolution options, we will still prepare for the possibility of trial. Then, if the talks break down, we will be fully prepared and ready to represent you in court.

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